The Almased Wellness TV commercial 2014/2015

Since weeks, just a few minutes before the daily news start, there’s the same commercial on our TV. Mitchie doesn’t like it, Zuleikha has enough of it as well, but in case you want so see it, it’s here or here.

I liked the music (and the dog), and it’s the song “Get up” from a band called “Karolina Kingdom”. You can hear the song and see the band on Youtube. Seems it’s a German band, from Lüneburg, as this article – in German – shows.

No Wikipedia entry, not much information about the band if you search for them in the usual search engines. The only things I’ve found point to Facebook, which I don’t use. I guess I’m a different generation, or I’m getting old – having an own homepage doesn’t seem to be too important for young bands anymore… OTOH, who really needs the internet? Life happens somewhere else. If you believe in ads like the one mentioned here, it even happens in offices and lifts. And of course only with cute pets. 😉

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Youn Sun Nah. On Youtube for instance. And thanks to Wouter for the tip!

Her webpage is here, and the English and French Wikipedia pages here.

Have to get some of her CDs, if not all…

Update: This, starting at 40 minutes, is really good. It’s Tom Waits’ “Jockey full of bourbon”, and it’s also in one of my brother Willi’s favourite movies: “Down by law”, from Jim Jarmusch. But the song they play before it is also cool, showing that Vincent Periani is a real good accordion player. Heck, they’re all good, so enjoy…

This morning, at the pond…

April was really nice so far. The weather is more than friendly, and so is the light – especially in these mornings. Here are three photos which I took today, at my employers’:


At the pond 1/2


At the pond 2/2


Screenshot 😉 (my start screen at work)

At home – as regular readers will probably know – I’m using Debian instead of Red Hat. But both are free and open source operating systems, based on the Linux kernel. Still with the Gnome 2 desktop at work, but with Gnome 3 at home.

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One with flash again



Studio strobe with beauty dish left of object above the table, studio strobe with standard reflector right of camera, ca. 50cm lower than the other one. Measured and set aperture was 5.6 at 1/160th of a second.

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Around a wooden bridge

Today was the first time in this year that I took a long(ish) Sunday morning photo walk, alone. Well morning isn’t quite right – I was late, and my walk lasted well past noon. So my solution for this (bad light at or around noon) is to go into the woods, which I also did today.

I wasn’t sure about which lens to take, so I took them all. Turned out that I left the M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8 on my E-M10 all the time, so I could as well have left everything else at home. The photos I’ll show here were all taken at or around one of the wooden bridges, except the last one which is still nearby. In case you want to find the place, I geo-tagged that last picture in Flickr, so you can look up its location.

All photos are as good as directly out of camera. I used exposure compensation on some, and apertures from 1.8 (fully open) to 4.5:






It’s all close to the airport, where they plan to build a new terminal. So I’m afraid that we’ll lose quite a bit of that wood…

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Looking up. And North.

Had to interrupt this because of too many passing cars in the foreground. That’s why I cropped it square:


Spinning round… ‘n’ round…

It’s an in-camera composite again, slightly over 90 exposures of 30 seconds each. In case you search for it in your newer Olympus cameras: they call it “livecomp”, and you’ll find it when setting the camera to manual and increase exposure time. And set time time of the single exposures with the ‘menu’ button.

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A few more photos from this weekend

Yesterday after shopping, we went to the new “Northwest” runway of our airport again, where I took two photos. Then later the same day, Tuna the cat jumped up Zuleikha’s seat just when we were about to have dinner. And today, I took one of some decoration, applied to a tree by Zuleikha:


Swiss HB-IXV taxiing at Frankfurt 07L/25R (new Runway Northwest), Germany


Touchdown of a “Condor” at Frankurt 07L/25R (new runway Northwest), Germany


“What’s for dinner?”


Plant deco

All taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera. The first three with the M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8 lens, the last one with the Four Thirds ZD 40-150mm/4-5.6 zoom of my DSLR, mounted via Mitchies MMF-2 adapter.

Update: The weekend isn’t over yet, and evening light is always beautiful. Here’s another one:


One of my studio strobes in indirect and reflected sunlight

Another update: Now my weekend is over (I’m posting this short after midnight). But some half hour ago, I went on one of the building’s Northern balconies to let my camera find polaris. And I had it straight in front of me, but slightly above my frame:


Another quick test (“with “quick” meaning 15 minutes)

So next time I won’t have to get up early, I’ll go for the full round (which will probably take some three hours or so).

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Short trails

This is a composite of 900 pictures into one, which lasted exactly 15 minutes with a one-second exposure (times 900):


Short trails

ISO 1600, no noise reduction.

Update, from short after midnight:

Here’s another one, with only 90 pictures composed into one. But now each picture had an exposure time of 20 seconds at ISO 200, which actually took double the time – half an hour:


Star trails II

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History lesson

This is a typical sunset as seen and painted by William Turner in 1838:

Flint Castle in Wales, 1838

During that time (which is called “Biedermeier”), paintings often had these intense colours. So what was different?

What was different was the climate. 200 years ago today, the Indonesian volcano Tambora (see Wikipedia in English, German, or in Malay) exploded with the force of approximately 170.000 Hiroshima bombs, cutting off its own peak from about 4300m (before) to around 2800m (after).

This lead to the “year without summer” in 1816 (English, German) pretty much around the world, as seen in Northern America or in Europe.

Follow these links to the Wikipedia pages in your preferred language if you want to know more. What happened was the coldest summer since the beginning of measurements, just some 25 years after Captain Bligh of the Bounty was dropped off his ship on Timor, which was nearby.

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From dawn till dusk

There are days when I really don’t take many photos. Today was such a day where I just took three, and one of them was for white balance measurement. So at dawn I took this one, of the sakura in our employers’ garden again:


Sakura at dawn, with a moon

Then work, work, work for most of the day. And no, it was not a fight with Santanico Pandemonium (aka Salma Hayek) – work can kill as well, but it won’t be as pretty*.

No, I selected this title because I took the second (white balance) and third (found object) picture when the sun was sinking already. It was this:


Porcelain cat at dusk, as found

I took both using the Olympus E-PL5 camera with its 14-42mm “kit zoom”, and cropped the first one into a 16:10 format.

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* A colleague died lately, short before his 50th birthday. And tho he wasn’t of the same brand or division, he was still an IBMer, and will be missed.