Sky in a pond

Sorry – couldn’t resist:


Sky in a pond. Olympus E-PL5 with Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm/1.4. Cropped 16:9 in camera. Turned upside down in post.

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Bridge repair, in 16:9

Some two weeks ago I wrote about the roadblock which affects us for three months. And like a neighbour told us by now, it’s because one of the two bridges on that small road has to be repaired. It’s the first one seen from our village, leading over a train track.

So today I went there again. I still had the 45mm lens on my E-PL5 camera, which was also still set to display a 16:9 crop of the whole image (from yesterday’s chili photo). And because I composed today’s photos through that 16:9 view I also decided to leave that crop intact (which I could have removed in the raw converter). So while the first time we went there I had some wide angle shots, here are some more detailed ones using that short telephoto lens on my camera. Without captions and/or further comments, here are 8 photos I took:









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Mitchie had chilies outside on our veranda – remember? Well by now we’ve taken most of them in, and also gave away some already. They’re awesome, hot, and also really beautiful:


Chilies. Olympus E-PL5 with 45mm/1.8 lens and flash. Cropped 16:9.

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WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4 is out, and it seems to be a nice upgrade. I had a busy week, and in the next one school will start for our small one again. First action this morning: give a little food to the smallest of our visitors…


Bird food. Olympus E-520 with 50mm/2 macro lens.

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Look at this

I’m a bit busy at the moment, so I don’t have much own content which I could show (and some ‘follower’ on Flickr asked already).

But look at the downloadable preview of this book:


It really makes you think, not only about those pictures (which are great), but also about your own creations…

Seems that I need just another book about photography, and it also seems that this is a good one – and it’s not about technique, but about the photos, and about how to see them.

Interesting anyway, so you could also consider to follow Brooks’ blog (which I also do). And if I consider purchasing a book, then you can be sure that I would also recommend it.

Found via George Barr’s blog.

Zuleikha: playing. Cat: sleeping.

Some hour or so ago:


Zuleikha: playing. Cat: sleeping. (Me: using my Olympus E-520 camera with the 40-150mm zoom lens, manually focused. In-camera b&w setting used.)

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Yesterday Zuleikha took my picture while I took hers:


Panasonic TZ7. E-PL5 with 45mm lens at f/2.

Haven’t seen her photo yet. But who knows – maybe she’ll blog about it as well?

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A thing of beauty

Debian Jessie Beta1 inside an Oracle VirtualBox inside Debian Wheezy (which is the current stable version of Debian Linux and my main desktop):

Screenshot from 2014-08-27 20:06:05

They really ship XFCE by default, cool. And even RawTherapee 4.1 should make it into Jessie before the freeze (in November or so). At the moment, it’s still 4.0.12 in Jessie and 4.0.9 in Wheezy.

Best things in life are free, aren’t they?

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On a meadow, in a bush

Two photos from a short Sunday walk, both of flowers. One wide, one tight:


Flowers on a meadow. Olympus E-PL5 camera with Panasonic Lumix 14mm/2.5 lens at f/5.6.


Flowers in a bush. Olympus E-PL5 camera with 45mm/1.8 lens at f/4. Vignetting added with the Olympus Viewer 3 raw converter (“Pinhole filter”).

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