Still no camera…

I’m still waiting for my camera, so in the mean time I used Mitchie’s again today to take another photo of the cat. Used Rawtherapee on Linux only this time to “develop” it from the raw file:

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2018

I’m writing this with the new editor in WordPress 5, new from this evening.


Up & Down with Anne

Here’s our latest collaboration from Wikiloops which this time started from a private band project. Each single instrument was mixed masterly by OliVBee who is also the composer of the original template, and the guitar player:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

List of musicians:

This is the second time that I revisited this track after first being introduced to it in Steinfeld at this years Wikiloops member meeting, and after recording another version with Shi.

So this time, thanks to Oliv (again), Martin, Anne, and Charlotte.

And thanks to you for listening.

A few more cool videos

Here’s another great lesson from the Vox Earworm Channel on Youtube:

I know most of the music presented here, but it’s surely another thing if you are younger than me. And the channel as a whole is good – even Mike loves it!

And here’s a different, funnier one – featuring our “marmotte” from Wikiloops:

That guy has some more funny videos – but it helps if you understand some French for some of them.


A photo of Tuna from yesterday

I still don’t have my camera back from repair, so yesterday I took Tuna’s picture with Mitchie’s E-M5 Mk2 camera. She had the 45mm/1.8 lens on it:


It’s an in-camera black & white picture with a simulated yellow filter, but I mid-toned it in post with RawTherapee.

Thanks for viewing.

Joe Bonamassa – “Sloe Gin”

Really diggin’ the Blues again lately. Here’s a good one, I know that song from when I was young. And an awesome power performance as well, showing how a Paula should be used:

I also listened to some real old stuff, but as you see and hear, there’s hope with those who are still living 🙂

Secret Meeting by Tofzegrit

My French friend Christophe just shared a link to an album he made, and which features Alex Sarikov, one of our master bassists from Russia:

If you like Funk and groovy Fusion as much as I do, and also enjoy listening to real good musicians, have a listen. Recommended – and thanks to Tof & friends; I’ll download that one for sure! 🙂

Oh, and in case you want to see Alex in action, here are two promo videos he made:

Yes, we have some awesome musicians in the ‘loops. Come and join us!

6 steps

So I finally played a bass onto that awesome track from OliVBee, Marceys, WhiteDrum55, and Moonchild, keeping my double length template for it:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

That one was real fun to work with. Thanks for listening. And now I’m really curious if anything else will be added… 🙂