The last of May

So I went out onto our veranda to take the last photo in the setting sun of this last day of May. Nothing extraordinary, just some of Mitchie’s flowers, manually focused with my lens wide open:



Sometimes it are the colours which catch my eye…

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Not that many photos this May

I’ve taken about 150 photos this month – less than half of what I usually take. But that was ok – I had to learn and to find out some other things, and I completed our stereo system with a receiver since Tuesday. So here are some of the few pictures I took since last Sunday:


Where the forest aisles have names


Onkyo TX-8050 Receiver, playing classic radio


Cats like it nice and warm


Audio / video system

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Yep, she’s getting old. Like me. But still she has to go through technical surveillance each two years, and so yesterday evening I started her, checked the pressure in the tyres, and took her around the kampung (Malaysian for “village”). And since today I commute with her again:


Honda NTV (in the US, a chain-driven version was called “Hawk”)

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Two with the DSLR

Today I took some pictures using my Olympus E-520 and the lens which is almost always attached to it – the ZD 50mm/2 macro. Here are two of them:


Piano practice


The bench

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Duck in the sun

From this morning, behind the office building in which I work:


Duck in the sun

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One of the very few…

Man oh man, time surely flies. And it’s one week since my last blog post, and to be honest, I also didn’t take many photos during the last week. Why? See my last article – we’re all enjoying a new set of speakers I bought (and thanks again for the suggestion, bro!), and since then I was reading tests, forae, and emails about buying a new receiver or amplifier as well. And in the evenings I sometimes just sat and listened – to music, and later to TV as well.

Here’s one of the very few photos I took during the week. I had put in a Santana CD for Mitchie, and after having a shower, Zuleikha joined us and was reading the lyrics of the song which was just playing. Changed it to black & white, and also cropped it square:


Zuleikha, listening to a CD after her shower

Now we have pretty much decided on what to get, and on Saturday we’ll see if we can find the device somewhere so we can listen to it a bit.

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Not there yet…

I’m not writing that much at the moment. And the reason is that I’m listening to the best CDs I have – since I followed my brother’s advice and got a new set of speakers.

Now I know how bad the rest of our system is 😉 So it’s a question of time until we also need a new amp or receiver. Meanwhile, I was listening to this:


I’m Lester the nightfly… with a new set of speakers

So give me a little time. There will be more photographs.

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