Ashley’s Song

We all love this (tho the Japanese original presents a much nicer Ashley than the translated version). Still awesome cover from Carlos & friends:

“PANTALONES GIGANTICUS! Oh no, not again!”

If you want to hear more from these talented young guys & girl, please visit insaneintherain‘s, adrisaurus‘, and Thunderscott‘s channels.

Yuna – Crush ft. Usher

This is Yuna, a young and very talented Malaysian singer and musician. And her video with Usher in black & white super slow motion is a piece of art:

She’ll be in Frankfurt and other places soon, in case you want to see her live.


Oh, and while Yuna is great, that title – Crush – reminds me of another song, from twenty years ago. Here’s Jennifer Paige with her 1998 smash hit:

Enjoy that as well, as we did…

Feeling honoured

I’m included in this collage of photos (taken out of videos which we’ve made ourselves):

Wikiloops Videocollab 2018, participants

You can hear all the songs and watch all those videos in this playlist on the Wikiloops Youtube channel.

Thanks to Richard, founder of Wikiloops who has cut all these together, and thanks also to all participants. It was great to be a part of all of this fun jamming, and I hope to see some of you soon in real life.

Caro Emerald

Mike Johnston who also is “The Online Photographer” not only has a great taste in photography, but also in music. And today in his post over here he mentioned Caro Emerald. Whom I knew already; she’s totally amazing. Listen:

See her in Montreux:

What a performance, hm? Great one, definitely! Enjoy…