Qotd, from Bill Beebe

He wrote it yesterday according to his blog post entry date, but I’ve found it today. And because it’s just four lines in my browser, instead of citing him here, I’ll give you Bill’s link to what I consider the quote of the day for today…

Beautiful. Thanks Bill.

The non-word of 2017

And the “winner” goes to… “alternative facts” (which might be copyrighted by Kellyanne Conway, who knows).

See here (in German), here (in English), and here (in other news).

Let me use a short quote of the English Wikipedia article about something else related to truths:

“The phrase “alternative facts” was claimed to be similar to a phrase used in Trump’s 1987 book, Trump: The Art of the Deal.[23][24][25] In that book, “truthful hyperbole” was described as “an innocent form of exaggeration—and … a very effective form of promotion”.”

Sounds quite a bit Ferengi to me…

So much about (bad) joke figures for today; sorry about the rant.

Qotd Nov 15, 2017

“the shared vocabulary between cameras and firearms is both regrettable and illuminating”

Teju Cole, in his article in the New York times

This is why I try to avoid vocabulary like “aiming one’s camera”, “shooting”, and the likes. I don’t shoot people, I make photographs of them. Language can be very telling, or “illuminating” as Teju wrote…

Quote of the day (Nov 12th, 2014)

“Picasso, Monet, Degas, Warhol – and almost any other artist of renown – would have been eviscerated by modern critique culture.”

David duChemin in “About Critique

Reminds me of Ian Gillan (lead singer of Deep Purple), who said to the media lately that he (or Mick Jagger or Bob Dylan or whoever has some kind of profile) would fail the first rounds of today’s “star search” TV shows…