Two photos with a manual lens

Today I mounted the first manual lens I bought for my DSLR onto the “Pen” camera. It’s an Olympus OM-System Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1:1,8 lens, made in Japan (according to what’s engraved onto its front). I paid 36€ for the lens, and I forgot what I paid for the OM-µ43rds adapter later. Here are two […]

Qotd, and two links

The quote of the day, for me, comes from David Taylor-Hughes, about using a lens with a “normal” angle of view: “I like the lack of choices and I like the fact that It’s me that creates the image not some fancy optic and that there’s no stretching or compressing of perspective. It’s down to […]

A week with the 14mm lens

I want to further explore how to take wide angle photos, something I’m not really good at. So I mounted my 14mm lens onto the camera at the beginning of the week, and never took it off until now. I didn’t get any breathtaking or world changing photos until now, but at least I experimented […]

A Sunday walk, and what grandma made

Took a few photos during a walk we did today: Fallen tree Zuleikha’s hiking stick And this morning I took a photo of what my grandma – the mother of my mother – made for the whole family. This morning’s photo wasn’t good enough, so I took the same one again this evening: Egg warmer, […]

Cat on the fence, at dusk

When I went out for a smoke last time, Tuna joined me. And instead of leaving our veranda through the fence, this time she decided to just sit on it. It was getting dark already, and tho the sky looks very bright here – in fact it’s overblown in this picture – this is ISO […]