A photo of Tuna from yesterday

I still don’t have my camera back from repair, so yesterday I took Tuna’s picture with Mitchie’s E-M5 Mk2 camera. She had the 45mm/1.8 lens on it: It’s an in-camera black & white picture with a simulated yellow filter, but I mid-toned it in post with RawTherapee. Thanks for viewing.

Using Mitchie’s camera

My camera which broke almost 2 weeks ago will be repaired at Olympus – it will be a heart-and-brain transplant (mainboard) which will cost about one third of a camera replacement, so it’s the reasonable thing to do. Until then I can sometimes borrow a camera from Mitchie or from Zuleikha, so today I used […]

Music. Photography. Design.

Wow – this is super interesting, because it brings together all these creative arts: Thanks Estelle – this video and the one about Giant Steps brought you a new subscriber! To my readers: you know I love both music *and* photography – thanks for your interest as well!

One camera takes a picture of another…

So my camera is in Hamburg, at Olympus German headquarters to check what’s wrong, and to estimate how much a repair would cost. And without borrowing any of my older cameras from Zuleikha who now has most of them (my E-520, my E-PL1, and Mitchie’s E-PL5), I still have what almost everyone has (and carries […]

Back to camera gear for a moment

Just read a very nice article by Dave Pardue on Imaging Resource about what he calls the “middle ground” cameras. It even has a photo of Mitchie’s Olympus E-M5 Mk2, which is indeed a very cool piece of equipment. And I think, for this year in retrospect, he’s right. Lots and lots of so-called “full […]