Adios Axelito – Alumni Big Band der Prälat Diehl Schule Groß-Gerau

As I wrote during the last days already, I’ve had the pleasure and the honour to be invited to document a three day rehearsal plus one day of concert of different bands and classes of Zuleikha’s high school, so from last Thursday to Sunday I went to Landesmusikakademie Hessen with them.

I took photos and videos using three cameras plus a portable 4 track audio recorder, and collected some 100GB of data – all of which now has to be edited, cut, and so on. And starting from today these photos and videos are to be presented to the participants and of course to their parents and families.

Here’s a first one – a song by German composer / arranger /conductor / band leader Kurt Klose, called “Adios Axelito”:

Adios Axelito – Alumni Big Band der Prälat Diehl Schule Groß-Gerau

My videos and photos aren’t perfect – but what is? I hope you’ll see that we all have had some fun during last week. And now we have something nice to remember 🙂

You can hear these artists again today at their (former, for some) school. Entrance is free.

Thanks for reading / watching / listening.

Back from Schlitz

From Thursday to Sunday I was in Schlitz at the LMAH (Landesmusikakademie Hessen), together with Zuleikha and her school plus some alumni and of course, teachers. The main building from its back side (the river side) looks like this:

Schloss Hallenburg, Schlitz 2019

I took this photo in the early Friday morning with my new zoom lens on Mitchie’s camera, and I used 3 cameras plus my portable Zoom H5 recorder to take photos and videos of the practice days and concert. All in all I produced roundabout 100GB of data which now has to be cut, edited, equalized, compressed, normalized, and presented in a halfway decent or at least acceptable way – so still lots of work to do there.

The school will use that material, and I’ll ask what I can use for my own pages. I think I can show you some more when these files are ready. The photo above is straight out of Mitchie’s Olympus E-M5 Mark 2 camera. The musicians were top class, and we all had lots of fun.

As always, thanks for reading.

A new lens

Got this one as a present last week:

A recent present, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

I first saw this mentioned in a blog post and thought that it might be a nice addition, much smaller than the 40-150mm lenses we have from the Four Thirds system and which need an adapter, a bit sharper perhaps, and with a faster autofocus. Even image stabilized though we don’t need that on our Olympus cameras which have the stabilization built right into their bodies already. So I had put it onto my wishlist at some big store, not further thinking about it – and what a nice surprise when all of a sudden I had it!

It comes with a lens hood which is reversed on the lens in the picture above (take that, Olympus!), and it is indeed nice & sharp at all of its focal lengths which compare to a (much bigger) 70-200mm lens on a 24x36mm film camera. I used it on last week’s photo of Tuna the cat already:

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

But this photo is heavily processed with its “in-body” (added by OV3) pin hole art filter. Still, this somehow also replaces my 75mm/1.8 which was stolen in Paris last year.

Today I used it at the longer end and somewhere in the middle (at 64mm) on some flowers on our veranda:

Some flowers on our veranda, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019
Some flowers on our veranda, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019
Some flowers on our veranda, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019
Some flowers on our veranda, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

So with its variable aperture of f/4 to f/5.6 which closes down pretty fast when you zoom in it’s a pretty little lens for outdoors – but I also tried it indoors at 35mm already with good results:

Self portrait, Frankfurt 2019

Cool. This might come handy for the upcoming documentation project of Zuleikha’s school event, and also for the upcoming summer holidays. How great to have this; thanks a lot!

Also for reading and viewing, as always.

Tuna from today (June 4th, 2019)

Another photo of our cat who likes the warm ground. A bit processed with the pin hole filter and a frame effect in Olympus Viewer 3 (like in-camera):

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

As always, thanks for viewing.

I simulated film today

I took a photo of Tuna again, using two of my studio strobes and with the PanaLeica 25mm lens on my camera set to f/4.

Then, after “developing” the raw .orf file using OV3 on a simulated Win7 box, I also saved a copy in black & white, using a simulated orange filter (you can do that either in-camera or with Olympus Viewer 3 in post production, the resulting image will be identical).

I also took the colour converted .tif file and loaded it into Silver Efex, trying their 019 “Fine Arts” preset, and also Ilford HP 5 Plus and Kodak Tri-X 400TX film simulations.

And I “developed” all resulting .tif (or in case of SFX, .TIFF) files with Raw Therapee on Linux, and added some meta information. Then I compared the results on my screen for a while.

The “in-camera” (through OV3) black & white conversion was the smoothest of them all, the “Fine Arts” preset of Silver Efex had the most information and almost some kind of a slight HDR look, and the film simulations were very close to each other in this case. In the end, I opted for the most contrasty one of them all which also had some fine simulated grain, which was Tri-X.

As always, I midtoned it to get those grey tones a bit more brownish, and I also cropped it to a 3:2 format like Kleinbildfilm used to have – I thought that also fitted the Leica branded lens on my camera.

Here’s the result:

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

See Flickr for full resolution if you’re interested in that.

And as always, thanks for reading and viewing.

A heron at my employers’ garden

If you are early enough, and approach wild animals carefully enough, you might have the chance to meet this one:

Heron at my employers’ garden, Frankfurt 2019

As always, thanks for viewing.

Deer, photographer, geese, and nutria at Mönchbruch

After voting for our current EU elections, I decided to go to Mönchbruch castle again with my camera. So I took a few photos, the first with the 14-42mm zoom, the others with the 40-150mm one:

Raised hide, Moenchbruch 2019
Deer, Moenchbruch 2019
Deer, Moenchbruch 2019
Deer, Moenchbruch 2019
Photographer, Moenchbruch 2019
Geese, Moenchbruch 2019
Goose and nutria, Moenchbruch 2019
Jagdschloss Mönchbruch, Moenchbruch 2019

As always, thanks for viewing.

3rd party planned outage

If you are reading this blog since a while then you probably know that I’m hosting almost all of my photos on Flickr. I have a paid account with them of the old sort, which gives me unlimited storage (an offer which doesn’t exist anymore since a few years).

Flickr was bought by Smugmug, and they’re finally moving all content from Yahoo’s servers and infrastructure to Smugmug’s hosting provider which is Amazon AWS. My pictures will move into the cloud…

This all will happen on Thursday 12am GMT which means 1400 CEST, and it will last for maybe 12 hours. Here’s what’s written in Flickr’s public announcement:

On May 22, 2019, Flickr will be down for planned maintenance for about 12 hours starting at 5pm PDT (that’s 8pm EDT or 12am GMT on May 23).

This will of course lead to the fact that you won’t see most of my photos on this page for about 12 hours, and so I’ll have to apologise for this.

A screenshot of my stats at Flickr, before they move everything…

As always, thanks for reading.

A walk through the wood

And all of a sudden it’s relatively warm again, after all those weeks with really low temperatures which we had now. So I took my camera and walked through the nearby wood, direction of Frankfurt Airport. Some things I saw were:

What people “forget” in the woods…, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019
Leucanthemum vulgare (field daisy, Marguerite), close to Frankfurt Airport 2019
Fungi on dead tree, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

It felt good to be out again, and to listen to that unbelievable concert of birds.

As always, thanks for reading.