Alpine chalet

User “frankiejazz” on Wikiloops had uploaded a really nice track of some acoustic guitars and some percussion which sounds much like a cajon. And since he chose “Alpine chalet” as a title for his song, another user commented with a picture of such a castle: There are two remixes I also really liked, and so […]

A bossa & chirping

That is Peter’s working title after he performed as a great whistler on a template from FrankieJ. And because I love bossa, and loved his whistling even more, I couldn’t resist to add some bass to it. It’s still not ready yet – another solo, or some vocals would make it more complete. But have […]

Play it loud! on

After the first Wikiloops video project to celebrate its 7th anniversary (that was published on May 1st, and called ‘Worldwide Disco’), here’s a second one. This time it’s an all-American virtual rock band of people, some of which I’ve played with myself already: More to follow soon. Enjoy! And come and join us if you […]

Miles and miles of smiles

Played to Joe ‘Relativity’s cool track on Thursday. It isn’t ready, but I still couldn’t resist to add to it: This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on Musicians: Thanks for listening. And if you’re a musician, consider to join us on Wikiloops, and add some solo or vocals to […]

Maiden in the glade

Here’s a short but sweet swinging tune from Andy (Stratcat77), Peter (Pewi), Devin (moonchild), and now also from me (wjl): This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on Musicians: That was a fun one. Click on its number if you want to go to Wikiloops to hear more. Thanks for […]

#121237 —> #136495

This is so remarkable. And no, I was not involved into this. But on November 11th, 2017, Ray from Canada (StJray on Wikiloops) uploaded a template with the number #121237 onto the platform, and he also made a video on Youtube explaining what was in his mind for what he called “StJray _ To the […]