It’s all about Jazz

“Music is life and death. A life without music is meaningless. It’s very important because it can carry you through your life, in good and bad times” — Ulf Wakenius

Here. Don’t wanna lose that link myself… or this one

Probably the best gig they did together was in Vienne. Awesome.

Another week went by

This week was the last week of school in our county, so by now the kids started their 6 week summer holidays. I didn’t do much photographically, but let me still show some.

On Tuesday, I still had the 40-150mm tele zoom lens on my camera, and on a short walk after dinner, I took a photo of clouds with it:


Ghost riders in the sky

On Wednesday we were informed on very short notice that in the evening there was a summer concert in Zuleikha’s school, and that she had to attend and to play with her brass class. I took some photos but remained seated in the second row like Mitchie, who tried to make some videos. So I didn’t want to compete with other parents who were proud of their kids, and who moved around just to get a good shot of them:


Today’s average camera

Meanwhile, at my employers’ place it was decided to give up just another two stories of a building to save some costs (won’t comment on this). So in the building I work in, what was once the reception now looks like this:



So forgive me if I took just another “selfie” in the mirror of one of the company’s lifts, with my favourite camera and lens combination. Who knows how long I’ll be able to take one of these?



Another week, then I’ll have some time off myself. We can’t leave for a longer vacation tho, since we don’t have anyone to care for the cat. Too bad for Mitchie, who would love to see England and Scotland…

Well, maybe we can at least visit the upcoming DebConf in Heidelberg (I offered to take some portraits of Debian developers).

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P.S.: Special thanks go to “Brass & Co.”, and also to Dr. Eckhardt and the PDS Big Band – you were as fantastic as always. They played:

  1. Birdland (Weather Report),
  2. Fly me to the moon (B. Howard),
  3. Children of Sanchez (C. Mangione), and – as a da capo,
  4. Sweet Lucy (R. de Souza)

Always worth visiting, and listening to. For readers who can’t come to hear them play around here, there are some songs which you can download from the band’s home page.

Black & white, and someone to watch (and to listen to)

I don’t know if it was Mike’s article about the new Leica Monochrome (Typ 246), and the links from his readers in their comments, but I imagined about having a black & white camera only. So I switched mine to black & white and left it like that since a few days. I knew that for portraits this can be very nice, but how about general photography? I was curious. So here are some, as always almost like out of camera:


Tuna the cat, May 2015


Gravity? What gravity?


Taraxacum (common dandelion) (in German, we also call these “Löwenzahn”, or “Pusteblume”)

I have written about Youn Sun Nah already, but here’s another photo I took today. It shows the “Concert” part of a French/German TV station, and until October 18th this year, you can see a concert of her and her quartet of “musiciens exceptionelles” as she introduces them. Just look for this on your Arte channel:


“Screenshot” Arte: Youn Sun Nah Quartet

Or look at the station’s site like here. It’s worth it – if they offer this as a DVD one day, I’ll buy it.

Which lenses did I use for these photos?

First one: M.Zuiko 45mm/1.8 fully open at f/1.8
Second and third one: ZD 50mm/2 Macro at f/8
Last one: Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm/1.4 at f/4

Thanks for reading.

The Almased Wellness TV commercial 2014/2015

Since weeks, just a few minutes before the daily news start, there’s the same commercial on our TV. Mitchie doesn’t like it, Zuleikha has enough of it as well, but in case you want so see it, it’s here or here.

I liked the music (and the dog), and it’s the song “Get up” from a band called “Karolina Kingdom”. You can hear the song and see the band on Youtube. Seems it’s a German band, from Lüneburg, as this article – in German – shows.

No Wikipedia entry, not much information about the band if you search for them in the usual search engines. The only things I’ve found point to Facebook, which I don’t use. I guess I’m a different generation, or I’m getting old – having an own homepage doesn’t seem to be too important for young bands anymore… OTOH, who really needs the internet? Life happens somewhere else. If you believe in ads like the one mentioned here, it even happens in offices and lifts. And of course only with cute pets. 😉

Thanks for reading.


Youn Sun Nah. On Youtube for instance. And thanks to Wouter for the tip!

Her webpage is here, and the English and French Wikipedia pages here.

Have to get some of her CDs, if not all…

Update: This, starting at 40 minutes, is really good. It’s Tom Waits’ “Jockey full of bourbon”, and it’s also in one of my brother Willi’s favourite movies: “Down by law”, from Jim Jarmusch. But the song they play before it is also cool, showing that Vincent Periani is a real good accordion player. Heck, they’re all good, so enjoy…

Zuleikha in concert

Today was the annual spring concert of the local music school. And for the first time, Zuleikha gave a piano solo of two classical pieces. As usual, the light within our town hall wasn’t that good, but still we had to take some photos of course. Here is one I took:


Zuleikha in concert, March 2015

Update from March 2nd, 2015:

Mitchie took a hand-held video of Zuleikha’s short performance, and uploaded it to Youtube. And Zuleikha wrote about it on her blog, where you can see the video as well.

Thanks for viewing.