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Watch this:

Seems that Yamaha has some real innovators in their ranks. Good for them, and this also gives hope for Ampeg, whom they just bought…

Enjoy. I know I did.


Discovered this a few days ago:

Then today, I saw this:

And if you want to hear them telling their story, watch this:

More on Wikipedia. And you can buy their music on Bandcamp.

Reminds me of times long gone. Good times.


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After the first Wikiloops video project to celebrate its 7th anniversary (that was published on May 1st, and called ‘Worldwide Disco’), here’s a second one. This time it’s an all-American virtual rock band of people, some of which I’ve played with myself already:

More to follow soon. Enjoy! And come and join us if you like.

Thanks for watching!

Miles and miles of smiles

Played to Joe ‘Relativity’s cool track on Thursday. It isn’t ready, but I still couldn’t resist to add to it:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on


Thanks for listening. And if you’re a musician, consider to join us on Wikiloops, and add some solo or vocals to it.

Maiden in the glade

Here’s a short but sweet swinging tune from Andy (Stratcat77), Peter (Pewi), Devin (moonchild), and now also from me (wjl):

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on


That was a fun one. Click on its number if you want to go to Wikiloops to hear more. Thanks for listening.

#121237 —> #136495

This is so remarkable. And no, I was not involved into this. But on November 11th, 2017, Ray from Canada (StJray on Wikiloops) uploaded a template with the number #121237 onto the platform, and he also made a video on Youtube explaining what was in his mind for what he called “StJray _ To the other side of …” on Wikiloops, and “Ray Jz Easy” on Youtube. Here it is from the latter:

It lasted until April 26th of 2018, and now Shi and anon418 (who used to call himself JazzReeds before) have fulfilled Ray’s wish, and with the number #136495 turned this into something which sounds like the next Bond movie title melody to me. Or at least I see some stage with a spot on the lady singer, or the outro of some movie where the main actor leaves a now empty stage and club and walks out into some not further defined nowhere… Listen to that amazing piece of music, which now has the title “Until Silence Falls” (Text is (c)2018 by Shi):

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on

Adorable, isn’t it? I feel so glad and honoured that I can make music with such talented composers, singers, and musicians.

Thanks for reading, and for listening.

Worldwide Disco on

Wikiloops recently turned 7 years old – in fact today it’s exactly 7 years and 1 month since Richard created it (and thanks again for doing that, man!).

And to celebrate that a bit, we’ve decided to put together some band-like projects, film ourselves while playing, and to put these together to videos. And today was the premiere of the first one, the disco group / band / project.

So please meet:

  • Vocals: Aleonz, Indonesia
  • Drums: mpointon, England
  • Bass: Alex Sarikov, Russia
  • Guitar: Tofzegrit, France, and – last not least
  • Keys: Marceys, Netherlands

I’m happy and proud that I was also invited into one of these, so there will be more videos to follow when they are done.

Thanks for watching. And if you are a musician as well – come and join us jamming at Wikiloops!