Preparations during Pentecost

I’m preparing things to get my motorcycle running – want to use it to go to work, plus I have to get it checked soon.

First thing of course is to give it power:


Charging a motorcycle battery

After that is done – which should be tomorrow morning I assume – I can take her for a ride, check tyre pressure and so on. Just making sure it’s ok to ride.

Of course I’ll take some photos…

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Storm damage

It’s quite windy at the moment (with force 10 on the Beaufort scale on top of the hills). And it seems that I’ll need a new – used – tank for my motorcycle:


Storm damage

Trying to call my insurance company while I’m typing this…

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“Gülle Racer”

One of the colleagues around has transformed a Honda CX500 motorcycle into a café racer, and due to a common joke here in Germany, called it “Gülle Racer”. Anyway, in my eyes she’s a beauty:


Honda CX500 “Gülle Racer”

I’d need more time and better and controlled light to photograph this one…

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Yep, she’s getting old. Like me. But still she has to go through technical surveillance each two years, and so yesterday evening I started her, checked the pressure in the tyres, and took her around the kampung (Malaysian for “village”). And since today I commute with her again:


Honda NTV (in the US, a chain-driven version was called “Hawk”)

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