On where to go, and what to do – in London

I’ve been to London some time ago. The first time I was fifteen (so not much older than Zuleikha is today) with my school class, which was really cool. Then I was traveling through it by train, and later just driving through some tunnel under the river Thames. Now Zuleikha and Mitchie want to see it, and what we saw on the TV already were the following videos – just linking to them here again so they can be found again.

First, there are “100 Things To Do” by some cute Koreans (of course you can’t do that all, but it’s still fun to look at if you don’t know the city or haven’t been there since a while):

100 Things To Do in London 🇬🇧

And since those girls were in the area but didn’t mention it, here’s another video about Camden Market (Shi sang about that so nicely in her “Must dash” song):

Camden Market London Travel Guide

Of course we have some own plans already – Mitchie wants to visit the Malaysian Embassy because of her passport, I’d love to see the Bike Shed (which also has a cool restaurant), and Zuleikha has lots more on her agenda – a city map alone brings out lots of ideas already…

Oh, and we’ll go by car. And ferry. And within London, we’ll take the tube. No plane, no train, and no tunnel, just the old-fashioned way of traveling. And I’m very much looking forward to that as well.

I’ll report from there once we are back – but first there will be other things to come…

As always, thanks for reading (and watching).

Blues Know No Colour

What a cool and lovely remix from Brian on one of my latest ones:

This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on wikiloops.com.

Hm, the player embedding doesn’t seem to work (yet) in the new v11 of Wikiloops, just opened a bug report, we’re working on it… until then, please listen to the songs at their source, which is (and will stay) Wikiloops of course. Brian’s latest is here


Silly questions? Here are some possible answers…

This one’s cool – try it:


And this one’s animated more nicely, and maybe better known, but it doesn’t ask the better engine:


We sometimes answer customers with “let me google that for you”, tho really you shouldn’t create just another ‘xerox’ verb with that company name – they’re not nice enough to deserve something like it.

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Above the clouds

Just a short chill with Niklas (Peter’s son), Mark, and Olivier who celebrates his birthday today:


As always, thanks for listening.

A short fretless waltz

Ok ok, I get it. Until now it’s just a single bass. But this is how templates are started within Wikiloops, and given the first very positive reactions, I’m hoping that someone might pick up on this:

Thanks for listening.

Years in hex

I’m using hexadecimal numbers at Flickr, as prefix for the year in which I took my photos. And I just thought:

Hi, I’m Wolfgang. I was born in 7a5. Now we have 7e3, so that makes me 3e years old. See, I’m still young – in 2 years from now I’ll be 40…

Sounds fun, hm? 🙂

Cody’s Tune – a remix on a remix

Got another remix on a remix on a song I remixed a while ago 😉 that’s how it works at the ‘loops, folks. Have a listen to Rob’s upload:

List of musicians on this one is:

As always, thanks for listening.