Up in D Dorian

Sat down with my guitar to try out recording with the new Ardour 6.8, then decided to speed up the whole thing, and to continue with an off-beat metronome, and with my bass. I uploaded the whole short uptempo track plus one with my bass only to Wikiloops, now hoping for remixes onto this shorty:

As always, thanks for listening.

What a nice remix!

Got a remix on a duet of Shi & me yesterday, from Croatian drummer ‘denisk’ who didn’t only play the perfect drums for the track, but also added his first ever guitar recording on our classic (in Jazz) ii-V-I progression. I also really like how he resolved my tritone in the middle, really cool. So what started as a lovely gospel-like a capella in Wales now went through Europe in a \ (backslash) kind of line…

Don’t touch, on Wikiloops

Thanks again to ‘denisk’ and to Shi – and thanks to you for listening.

Cold rain

I had this track on my computer since quite a while, and finally sat down to remix it, and to play a very sparse bass onto it as well:

Thanks to Fabricio L and to Shi for their wonderful music, and thanks to you for listening.

Mobile phone as a dashcam

We – the collective “we” – are documenting our lives using mobile phones by now, all around the globe, using them for photos, videos, everything. And lately I saw some videos where people used mobile phones instead of action cams, like on bicycles, motorcycles, and in cars. So I thought “Why not?”, and since we all have these devices already, we might as well use them.

So I bought a car holder, an adapter for power, and tried it today. We were driving from one of the big supermarkets in Germany (Aldi) to another (Rewe), which took about 8 minutes, and I’ve used two recent tracks from Wikiloops on which I’ve played the double bass, “Colours“, and “Going down” for the video:


Got another holder for the bicycle as well – and maybe I’ll try that one tomorrow…

As always, thanks for reading, viewing, and listening. And of course thanks to my friends over at the ‘loops as well 🙂

Didn’t know that I’m on Reverbnation as well…

Just found myself on Tom’s pages there:

Listen to Aaron’s beautiful guitar solo there. So this seems to be my Wikiloops track 146415, together with Haffast’s guitar from #147068 – but without Titus’ keys… and Aaron also had a video of himself playing, also featuring his cat:

Lovely… <3

I’m on more of Tom’s tracks there, here’s one from an album where he featured Shi obviously:

As always, thanks for listening.


I played on another branch of this track already, and after Oliv corrected my timing in one of his fabulous remixes, I decided to also put out a corrected version further up of the ladder, just to keep it open for further remixes – so here you go, with just OliVBee, Marceys & me in that new version and upload of ‘Colours‘.

Oh, and while exporting my combined bass tracks from Ardour 6.7 to use them in Harrison Mixbus, I saw that the export analysis in 6.7 has a new look – it’s cool I think:

Very nice, and very useful to see that new LUFS analysis section – I love it…

So thanks again to both Oliv and Marc for the fun, to Paul Davis & his crew for developing Ardour (and thus, Mixbus which is based upon it), and thanks to you for listening 🙂

Ardour 6.7 is out

The latest and greatest version 6.7 of Ardour, the open source DAW for Linux, Windows, and Mac is released. See the release notes, and download a readily compiled version for an amount of your own choice (starting at 1$). As a supporter I have it already. There are also a manual and a tutorial. That latter one is some years old already, but still useful if you’re new to recording multitrack audio with a computer.

Thanks to Paul Davis and to his team.