Guests on the albums of others

Both Zuleikha and me were included in the albums of other musicians on Wikiloops lately. A bit over a week ago, “Jypeka” included Zuleikha’s “You stood by” in his album “Romantic Classic“: You can listen to the included track here as well: This track is embedded with the friendly permission by the creatives on […]

First snow

As predicted in the forecasts, we’ve got the first snow in our area for the upcoming winter season. And of course Zuleikha took the chance to make a snow cat again: Thanks for viewing.

In-camera black & white

Yes, the Olympus in-camera black & white mode is great. I also love the fact that with modern cameras of the “mirrorless” category you can have a preview of the outcoming image right in your viewfinder or on the rear display, in black & white. And if you use the camera makers’ raw converter program, […]