A fixed issue, and some recent remixes

Richard fixed the issue with the embedding of the Wikiloops player last night, and he tested it with my post “Blues Knows No Colour” on this blog. Cool; many thanks man!

So now I can try and show/play you the last remix I’ve got plus one that I had made for some friends (with mixing only, no bass needed in that one). So here they are:

Yup; works. And here’s the one I (re-) mixed:

Works as well. Thanks for listening, and if you’re a musician, then join and play with us on Wikiloops!

I simulated film today

I took a photo of Tuna again, using two of my studio strobes and with the PanaLeica 25mm lens on my camera set to f/4.

Then, after “developing” the raw .orf file using OV3 on a simulated Win7 box, I also saved a copy in black & white, using a simulated orange filter (you can do that either in-camera or with Olympus Viewer 3 in post production, the resulting image will be identical).

I also took the colour converted .tif file and loaded it into Silver Efex, trying their 019 “Fine Arts” preset, and also Ilford HP 5 Plus and Kodak Tri-X 400TX film simulations.

And I “developed” all resulting .tif (or in case of SFX, .TIFF) files with Raw Therapee on Linux, and added some meta information. Then I compared the results on my screen for a while.

The “in-camera” (through OV3) black & white conversion was the smoothest of them all, the “Fine Arts” preset of Silver Efex had the most information and almost some kind of a slight HDR look, and the film simulations were very close to each other in this case. In the end, I opted for the most contrasty one of them all which also had some fine simulated grain, which was Tri-X.

As always, I midtoned it to get those grey tones a bit more brownish, and I also cropped it to a 3:2 format like Kleinbildfilm used to have – I thought that also fitted the Leica branded lens on my camera.

Here’s the result:

Tuna the cat, Moerfelden-Walldorf 2019

See Flickr for full resolution if you’re interested in that.

And as always, thanks for reading and viewing.

Offfocus: Nase vor die Tür

Fell in love with a song with German lyrics today – and I instantly played it another time, then to Zuleikha, then I recommended it to my brother – so I can as well recommend it here.

It’s “Nase vor die Tür” from my friend and fellow Wikiloops musician Patrik aka Offfocus. I have watchlisted it because there ain’t no bass in it yet… 🙂


Electronic music, with human touch

Just heard a really nice track on Wikiloops from fellow members timp and Fishinmissio, which they called “Walkin in My Sleep“. And it reminded me of an older one which I haven’t heard since quite a while, but where even the video of it was a piece of art. And yes, I know that I can be hopelessly romantic, but here it is as a reminder of that divine chaos which we call “life”:


And as always, thanks for reading, listening, and watching…

Slow Burn by Brian Bromberg

Some days ago Gijs (aka “Fivestringer”), a friend of mine from Wikiloops recommended his favourite contemporary upright bass player, Brian Bromberg. And of course I had to listen, and yes, Gijs is right about Brian – the man is a real force. Listen to his Slow Burn song from his album Downright Upright (which is on my wishlist of course):

Slow Burn_Brian Bromberg.wmv

Wow. ToDo list: transcribe this, and play it on my fretless (I don’t have an upright bass).

Thanks for listening.

A heron at my employers’ garden

If you are early enough, and approach wild animals carefully enough, you might have the chance to meet this one:

Heron at my employers’ garden, Frankfurt 2019

As always, thanks for viewing.

Deer, photographer, geese, and nutria at Mönchbruch

After voting for our current EU elections, I decided to go to Mönchbruch castle again with my camera. So I took a few photos, the first with the 14-42mm zoom, the others with the 40-150mm one:

Raised hide, Moenchbruch 2019
Deer, Moenchbruch 2019
Deer, Moenchbruch 2019
Deer, Moenchbruch 2019
Photographer, Moenchbruch 2019
Geese, Moenchbruch 2019
Goose and nutria, Moenchbruch 2019
Jagdschloss Mönchbruch, Moenchbruch 2019

As always, thanks for viewing.

Last Peace, by Zuleikha L

Last night, Zuleikha uploaded her newest composition “Last Peace” to Wikiloops. I had helped her a bit with getting the Addictive Keys Studio Grand into Ardour, so she mentioned me as well on her lovely track. And over the night, she got 11 thumb ups, 5 downloads and 1 remix already as you can see here or on her track:

“Last Peace” by Zuleikha L on Wikiloops

I also like her new avatar there which she drew herself:

And as you can see, she also received a first remix already, which were some jazzy drums & guitar played by João (nickname jjdf) from Portugal. Obrigado!

As always, thanks for reading.

Another great album of the day

Over at Wikiloops, the album of today was again one by my friend, Monsieur OliVBee from Paris, France. And in his ‘Deep Dark Blue‘, he features another great singer which is AnneCozean from the American west coast:

Today’s album of the day at Wikiloops: ‘Deep Dark Blue’ by OliVBee

I listened to this today at work when I needed to blend out discussions and/or telephone calls from colleagues, and again I was blown away by the quality, the taste, and the musicality of all involved musicians. And by Anne’s voice of course. Another outstanding album from Oliv and friends.

And I will definitely listen to his other albums which are yet unknown to me, like ‘MOF on the loops‘ (featuring marmotte), or ‘Instrumentals‘.

This is world-class music, and if you don’t know and/or didn’t hear anything about Wikiloops yet, just listen to one of these to get an idea of what it’s all about. Heartily recommended, and another instant fav and download from me.

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening.