Cookie on the watch, and resting

Cookie, our male visitor from somewhere in the neighbourhood, is very busy lately. One could easily call him our “chief mouser” now, like the one at 10 Downing Street. I lately saw him tracking down, hunting, killing, and also eating a couple of mice, and he’s always on the watch for more:

Cookie on the watch, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

Of course, even a cat has to rest sometimes (like 16 hours a day). So here he is shortly before the sun reached him in the afternoon:

Cookie resting, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2022

At the moment, he’s resting on the sofa (the door to Zuleikha’s room, which probably is his favourite place in our flat, is closed)…

As always, thanks for reading, and for viewing.