Brenden Matthews explains conky

If you have seen screenshots of my desktop, you have seen conky – it’s the one thing which is always and on all of my desktops. Looks like this:

conky, easyeffects, and a half hidden terminal

or, a bit bigger, like this:


It’s a beautiful piece of software, avaliable for almost all Unix-like systems including MacOS and the BSD family. I just found a video where its maker explains it:

Conky: An Introduction

Of course, on a modern Linux system you don’t have to compile it, since it’s usually in all software repositories of the available distributions – my example from above for instance was on Arch, but I have the same on Debian or on my login on Mitchie’s Ubuntu desktop.

There’s a Wikipedia page about conky where you can find more info. And its homepage is on GitHub as you might have seen.

As always, thanks for reading and for viewing – and thanks to Brenden for his nice little program.