About software and operating systems (Linux)

On The Register there are several new and interesting reports, some of which mirror my own experiences.

Manjaro Linux which is based upon Arch and which should be more beginner friendly than that, isn’t. It’s just different but not easier at all in my opinion. And so thinks the Reg’s author.

The same author reports about the 38th birthday of the X window system, and also reports and links to an article about the mess that is called Wayland, which is more and more replacing X.Org tho it actually can’t. Screen recording works now in Arch where I have tested it this week, but otherwise it’s a great big mess, and not ready for production, full stop.

Another article, this time on linuxiac is reporting about why Ubuntu isn’t a flagship Linux distro anymore. Again, exactly my thoughts about it, and maybe time for my wife or our daughter to look out for something better, and more user friendly? In case you’d want The Reg’s take on Arch and/or Debian, they’re pretty good, too.

Ok, that much for now… thanks for reading.

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