“The amp that sold the most basses”

Last Saturday, I was at our local music store in Frankfurt, and I spent more than one very pleasant hour with Marco, their chief bass salesman.

And before I left I told him that it has been very clever of him to have me sit down in their custom shop room with my fretless Squier, and that he had me plugged in into this:

Sadowsky Audio SA200, via Talkbass

He told me that their boss wanted to replace “that old amp” with something more recent, as it’s not made and sold anymore, but Marco opposed and told his boss that this amp sold more basses than any other – and I can attest to that, when I played it over some Glockenklang cabs or so, it sounded absolutely brilliant. And it definitely sold that Squier Fretless to this ageing player who once owned an Ampeg SVT full stack (with two “fridges”). Play a Precision over a good old tube amp, and all you will say is: “Sweet…” 🙂

Btw, thanks to Marco for a really great time, and because he always gives out very good advice. That’s exactly the reason why I will always go and buy there, and not order anything from bigger and more distant stores…