Thanks to Vladimir Sadovnikov (aka Nightly Code), and to Stefano Tronci (aka CrocoDuck)

Yesterday I praised Chris Johnson for one of his Airwindows plugins, and yes, the man is clearly a genius. But so are both Vladimir Sadovnikov and also Stefano Tronci who together are the main (or sole?) developers of the LSP Plugins. And these also sound amazing and have almost entirely replaced the Calf Plugins I’ve used before.

I have thanked CrocoDuck before after he tested a Behringer interface and compared it to his former Focusrite one – and then I went and bought said Behringer for my brother. And Vladimir – much like Geoffrey Bennett – seems to be constantly working on the device drivers for Focusrite interfaces in the Linux kernel, so thanks for that as well.

I totally understood this as well – greetings to my Russian friend over there! Invited him to Wikiloops where music brings us all together…

As always, thanks for reading.