Happy birthday sayang :)

Today is my wife’s birthday, so we got a few presents for her. I built her a new computer…

Happy birthday… 🙂

For those who are interested: here are some links and a parts list (hint: I used slightly more)… oh, and like the c’t magazine wrote, it runs just fine with Ubuntu 21.10 (although the recent kernel 5.16 would have been even better for this new hardware). But everything like the integrated AMD graphics or the wireless runs out of the proverbial box.

P.S.: Mitchie just measured the power consumption when doing nothing on her Ubuntu 21.10 desktop (but with WiFi on) – the meter cycles between 19.3 and 20.5 Watts, so I’d say that’s an average of about 19.9W. Cool; mine takes slightly more than 31W when doing nothing (which is what computers do most of the time, they’re always waiting on us instead of vice versa…) 🙂