Cinebench of my old machine vs newer CPUs

Just out of curiosity I ran Cinebench R23 in Windows to see what my aging computer with a 4th gen Intel Core i5 Processor might do against newer machines. And it was interesting indeed, I came up with something like this:

Cinebench R23 Multi Core Scores

Intel Core i5-4460: 2500
Apple Silicon M1: 7510
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G: 11021
Intel Core i5-11600K: 11281

Cinebench R23 Single Core Scores

Intel Core i5-4460: 800
Apple Silicon M1: 1499
AMD Ryzen 5 5600G: 1501
Intel Core i5-11600K: 1559

As you can see, a single core application would run almost double as fast on all newer CPUs compared to mine, while multi core applications/programs (like video rendering or music in a DAW) would run three times as fast on Apple, and about four times as fast on a new AMD or Intel chips – and these are middle class ones just like mine.

Wouldn’t have thought that my old machine is still that good, and even comparable. I have checked graphics perfomance in Basemark GPU, but I don’t know anything about Vulkan, and with medium quality in DirectX 12 my machine only made some 10 fps in their official test, so perhaps no chance at all against an AMD or newer Intel chip. But ok, I don’t play, so…

… thanks for reading as always.