A short Sunday walk through our “Hinterland”

So today I took the car and went to Aberystwyth, which greeted me with a friendly “Croeso!“. And that lovely little university town is also the home of the TV series “Hinterland“, which we Germans of course had to translate, because nobody here would understand a German word I guess – so here that series was called “Inspector Mathias – Mord in Wales“, followed by the names of the respective episodes which made the whole construct just ridiculously long…

No, I went to Kronberg im Taunus, and one of its partner cities is Aberystwyth:

Croeso!, Kronberg im Taunus 2020

I took a short walk there but then decided to drive a bit further to Königstein im Taunus, where I left the car again. It’s a wealthy area, with some nice architecture, so first I took a few photos of houses, like these:

Poor goose, Königstein im Taunus 2020
Architecture 1/2, Königstein im Taunus 2020
Architecture 2/2, Königstein im Taunus 2020

Then I decided to walk up to Falkenstein Castle, and on the way up I saw that sign with explanations:

Explanations, Königstein im Taunus 2020

And although the castle itself was closed for winter already, you still have a breathtaking view from the top:

Dettweiler Tempel and “Teufelskanzel”, Königstein im Taunus 2020
View from “Teufelskanzel”, Königstein im Taunus 2020
Falkenstein Castle, Königstein im Taunus 2020
Catholic church, Königstein im Taunus 2020

Some signpost in town said: walk 800m further and turn left, then take the way past the Catholic Church – and this is the church when coming back down from the castle…

Interesting side note: the step counters on Android and iOS count differently – I had these phones in the same pocket:

Step Counters, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

As always, thanks for viewing, and for reading.

I took today’s photos using the 14-42mm “kit zoom” lens mounted onto my Olympus E-M10 Mk2 camera. No music today – not until now, that is. Not even in my head…