False alarm – my camera lives!

Oh wow. I complained too fast, before doing all necessary tests (which hadn’t made a difference with my old camera, but with this one it did):

  • removing the SD card let me switch the camera on and off as usual, it also reacted on keystrokes and showed a display as usual plus it reset the lens when switching off
  • doing the same with the SD card in again, and still everything worked
  • I took some photos, back in business as if nothing had happened.

Strange. But I’m glad that the camera still works, don’t really need a newer and/or better one…

Edit, from the same evening:

I just took another photo first of my ColorChecker (for the room light white balance), then of Tuna. Here are two versions of the same photo I took of her:

Tuna the cat, Mörfelden-Walldorf 2020

As always, thanks for reading.

One Reply to “False alarm – my camera lives!”

  1. Hello Wolfgang,
    I also had it once on my E-PL5. The shutter was closed and did not move.
    I read that by changing the mode dial setting, rebooting and pulling the battery while on would help. I did not believe this but did it. It worked and I am again very happy with the E-PL5 :-).
    Stay healthy 🙂

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