Never drink alone

Such a nice track from Cantaloopo and from Pewi, just had to grab my upright bass and play along a bit:

As always, thanks to my friends for all the fun, thanks to Richard and to the Wikiloops supporters for making it all possible, and thanks to you for listening.

Edit, from Saturday Sept. 12th, 2020:

Got an awesome remix of this one by Offfocus (Pat) in his track #198183 which he later had remastered automatically by the Landr service in his new upload #198206). His own one had more dynamics, so I remastered that one again to include it onto my next album like this:

In case you’re interested you can see a graphical comparison of output levels on Flickr or on my upload in Wikiloops.

Again, thanks to Heinz, Peter, and Pat for their wonderful music and for all the fun. And thanks to you for listening.