What a lovely track from Oliv, Frankie, Peter, and Olivia – couldn’t resist to take Oliv’s lead sheet (merci mon ami!) on a stand, and to play along with my double bass:

Thanks to my friends for all the fun, and thanks to you for listening, as always.

Edit, from August 23rd, 2020: Got a nice remix of this track from our master mixer Oliv, merci beaucoup mon ami! So listen to this version rather than mine, it’s really better:

Thanks for listening 🙂

2nd edit, from August 24th, 2020: You probably saw it from the waveform already, and also probably heard it: Oliv’s mix is louder than mine. So I wanted to know how much louder, and I reimported his mix and measured it. Looks like this:

Screenshot from 2020-08-24 17-29-11
A remix done by a friend

About -13LUFS (average loudness units full scale), and peaks are even above 0dB. I’m going for a mix target of -16LUFS and -1dBTP, which means that his mix is double as loud as mine (3dB difference means doubling the output). Interesting.

So to include the track into an album, I’d have to still take mine, or to reexport his with my target loudness… albums should have a consistent loudness in my opinion.

Again, thanks for reading. And again, merci Oliv for the nice remix 🙂

3rd edit, from August 24th, 2020: after discussing some technical things with Oliv and Richard, Oliv gave me his .wav file of his remix (above), which I then remastered to my usual loudness of -16 LUFS and -1 dBTP – so here is my final version of that track (in case no one adds anything):

And this is how the waveform looks after exporting it to the track above:

Screenshot from 2020-08-24 22-32-25
remastered a track from a friend, now it’s at exactly -16 LUFS and -1 dBTP
hear it at www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-197039.php if you like

Thanks again to everyone involved, thanks to you for listening 🙂