Rest in peace, Clayton

Another good one left us – and one of ‘BigDaddyCee’s’ last reactions on Wikiloops was a nice comment on this remix on one of his tracks:

Thank you my friend – jamming with you has been an honour and a pleasure.

His friend for over 40 years, David Knight, can tell you more about Clay

Edit: according to David, Clayton died on June 15th, just four days before his 58th birthday.

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  1. Clayton and I met in 1977, we were both 14yrs old, going on 15, both of us were new to playing an instrument, I was just learning how to play bass and Clayton was learning to play keyboards, but he didn’t have a keyboard!!

    In tenth grade, I had transferred to the high school my brother was attending, Cardozo in Bayside Queens NY, my brother introduced me to one of his friends who played guitar, my brother thinking because I had just gotten my first bass guitar from our grandparents, meeting his guitar-playing friend was a good match!

    In turn, my brother’s friend Stanley introduced me to two of his friends, two brothers, John and Vincent, John Played guitar and Vinney played drums, they lived in Hollis Queens about a mile from where I lived in Springfield Gardens Queens.

    John was putting together a band for the first time, they asked me to join as the bass player, I went to a rehearsal the following weekend, they told me the rehearsal would be at their friends home, the corner house on the block they lived on.

    The corner house is where Clayton lived, that was the beginning of a 43yr brotherhood like no other in my life.

    We named our band M-U-1 (Multiple Unit as One)

    God! There’s soooo much more to that story, I have endless recordings that I made during the 4yrs M-U-1 was together, Clayton and I use to listen to them via Zoom and remembering when we were amateur musicians.

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