Speaking about awards…

… which I actually don’t like that much, really – because how could you award arts? But in my last post I congratulated Esperanza Spalding, and at the moment it’s the time of the 2020 BAFTA Awards, and that in turn reminded me of a series which I’m currently watching (we’ll have season/episode 2.4 later today), namely “Keeping Faith”, starring Eve Myles (also known from Torchwood and other series).

That series won 3 BAFTA Awards, for best story, best actress, and best music, and each of these is well deserved in my opinion. Listen to Amy Wadge and to Laurence Love Greed in these ones for instance:

The series is fully packed with music of that caliber from start to finish – quite the hit factory. So here’s the honour they received for it in 2018:

I’m glad that I can watch that. Thanks to everyone.

And as always, thanks to you for reading, watching, and listening.