Two tracks, and an internet outage

Yesterday I uploaded two tracks to Wikiloops. The first one was something which wasn’t really finished, in fact it was just me noodling around with my bass playing over a track of – my bass. Nothing special, just what came to mind. But someone asked, so I decided to upload it:

And the second one was an add over three tracks from Erwan on musical box, keys (with some artificial voice), and cello:

Then this morning about half past 11am, I was just answering a nice email I had gotten a bit earlier, our internet went out. And it stayed off for most of the day, all in all for some 9 hours or so.

So not much activity in that direction today, just sent a short thank you answer email, and also said thanks to 8 thumbs on my first and 9 on my second tracks so far, and that was mostly it.

And as always, thanks for reading, and for listening.