Three random takes on ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’

The conductor of the orchestra in which I’m helping out sent me another piece via email – and this time it’s a real fun one as it seems. And with about 100 years of age I guess you might call it ‘oldie but goldie’. If you look up the title on Youtube and select three, it can be as interesting as this:

  1. Jazz Manouche example:

2. Older, more to the original ‘Foxtrot’ or ‘Charleston’ style:

3. Much slower, but swinging real hard on this Jazz Standard:

As you see, the possibilities on songs like this one are endless – although with my electric bass I can’t of course get anywhere near to what Ray Brown did here…

Really lookin’ forward to playin’ on that one 😀 What a nice idea! 😀

See also: English or German Wikipedia pages about this song.