Tales of Yore

So after 3 internet outages during the last week, and one first rehearsal of the orchestra where I’m helping out for an injured bass player we now seem to have a stable connection again (knock on wood!), and I could log in to Wikiloops again, and download some songs to play on.

Haven’t done much with Rick aka ‘acousticeg’ since quite some time – if I remember correctly since my first album in the beginning of 2018¹. So I was glad to find an awesome new template of his, and couldn’t resist to adding some low end to it:

List of musicians so far – just him and melike here:

I’ve tried to keep his nice triplet feel in this one, and to also support his flagiolet tones with some from my fretless bass. Hope you like it as much as I did while playing on it.

As always, thanks for reading, and for listening. And thanks also to Rick for the fun I had.

¹Wrong – I did “Beneath the Waves” as another collaboration with him in November, even as a video collab. So this is our third one together after the intial “The way that she moves” with Shi from March 2018 🙂