Ice crystals (Impressions from a short walk on Dec 30th, 2019)

Just listening to an awesome live recording (22 tracks in the mixer/DAW) from our fellow Wikiloops drummer mpointon who also plays in a Pink Floyd tribute band – so I suggest a listen, it’s really cool… Echoes Live – fits this article somehow 🙂

Speaking of the ‘loops, Shi mentioned that she was going out for a walk, and looking out of the window myself I thought yeah, that winter light is so cool with the sun so low, I should take my camera and go for a walk as well. So here are a few impressions of my walk, mostly close-ups of ice crystals:


So as you can see, that walk was chilly but nice, and so was the light. Martin’s music is over while I’m writing this, and Mitchie – who’s an even bigger fan of Pink Floyd than I am – just agreed that this sounds like the original.

As always, thanks for viewing, reading, and/or listening.