To ground myself

I have all of my own albums (which you can see on the right side of this page) in my car – in fact that is part of the reason that I’ve made these albums – to be able to put some music on a CD, and to listen to it while away from my computer.

And I also “discovered” several new and – as I think – great singers both on Wikiloops and elsewhere (like on Youtube).

But to ground myself, so to speak, to get back a feeling where true North is, and to compare whatever I do with what else is out there, I also have some copies of commercial albums which I own in the car – and from time to time I like to listen to these, especially when it’s music with just a voice and some acoustic instruments for example.

Like Youn Sun Nah. This morning I listened to her “Same Girl” album on my way to work, and it’s so incredibly good. Listen to this as an example, where she’s also with Lars Danielsson, one of my favourite bass players:

Nah Youn Sun – Breakfast In Baghdad

The composition is by Ulf Wakenius, who’s also the guitar player here. Everything here fits, and sounds amazing.

Highly recommended stuff, if you like something like this. I also have her “Voyage” and “Lento” albums, which are equally good.

As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy the music.