Some more videos from my watching history

Here is some stuff that I found useful and/or interesting and/or inspiring. First, when Zuleikha came back from her recent trip with her class, she talked about having seen a large format camera – so I thought I’d show her how to use these, and what results to expect:

Steve scans his 8×10 negatives with an Epson flatbed scanner set to 2000dpi – which means that he’s getting an image of about 320 Megapixels. Almost overkill even for good computers, and enlargements of 60 inches on the long side shouldn’t be a problem either.

The interesting thing about Steve is that he’s also using smaller formats (like his Bronica 6×6 film camera) and even Micro Four Thirds – with almost identical results for his purposes. See here:

Yes, he puts a bit of “grain” into the images, and that makes them almost look like film. It’s not so much the camera, it’s how to use one.

Oh, and I’ve seen – and heard – iamNEETA unplugged in a Malaysian TV3 show. And yes, the girl can really sing (and the boys play). Listen to ‘Ilusi’ again, and also to ‘Sakit’ – both from the ‘Sweet Dreams’ series:

Awesome, aren’t they? No wonder that their music is used for the movies… and I wish them luck for their future careers, just like I wish for the actors and actresses of ‘Sweet Dreams’ as well.

As a last tip for now, one of our own. Martin, a friend from Wikiloops offers a new Youtube channel with tips on how to play the drums. And he also does an awesome job. Here’s his introduction, look at his channel for further lessons:

Always a pleasure and an honour to play with Martin. Enjoy.

And as always, thanks for reading / watching / listening.