iamNEETA (Band)

In my last post I wrote about the recently produced and released Malaysian drama “Sweet Dreams” – which gets so many things just right. And one of the important things in movies, films, and videos is always music, and that’s right as well. Amongst others, there’s a singer called Neeta Manishaa and her band iamNEETA who produced several songs for the mini series, and instead of showing you parts of that series again, here are three original videos (by nartvnetwork which I think is owned by Warner Malaysia, so these young people do have record contracts already). Neeta is following Jasmine Thompson, and her voice at times also reminds me a bit of Ana Torroja of Mecano – a band which featured an unknown young actress called Penélope Cruz in one of their videos (which made her famous later on).

So here are iamNEETA:

iamNEETA – iLusi (Official Music Video – with cc)
iamNEETA – Jatuh Cinta (Official Music Video)
iamNEETA- Marry Me (Official Music Video)

Awesome, aren’t they? And yes, they were on the “Big Stage” already, featured by Siti Nurhaliza. So it’s good to know that the Malaysian music business is alive and well…

Hope you enjoyed it – and as always, thanks for watching / reading / listening.