A rhythm group setup for Ardour

Just made this template:

Ardour channels for drums, bass, and piano

It shows a nicely integrated Black Pearl drumkit from Glen McArthur in its multichannel version, a track for my bass and another one for effects in case I need them, and another one for Alexander Holm’s nicely sampled “Salamander Grand” which is his Yamaha C-5 grand piano miked with two AKG microphones, sampled in thirds with 16 different velocity levels (needs almost 2GB of RAM when extracted). One last channel is for Reverb, so I can route all channels to the same ambient if needed.

So yeah, this could be used for a one-man rhythm section. Or of course for a real band if you have one. Needs soloists and/or vocalists etc. on top to make it complete (in case you want more than a Jazz trio or something like it, think Dave Brubeck for example 🙂 ). Or you could throw in some electronica and make music for computer games; whatever…

As always, thanks for reading.