Capaldi / Coleman

I first saw Peter Capaldi as the 12th Dr. Who together with his companion Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald less than a week ago, in what appeared to be the last episodes of the 9th series of the long-running Doctor.

And what should I say, other than that I was blown away by their performance? Jenna plays Clara from series 7-9, and Peter is the Doctor in the series 8-10, so in 8 and 9 they’re together (but from what I’ve seen so far, the 7th and 10th are also worth it).

Both the DVD and the BluRay sets are quite expensive, but as soon as I’ve cleaned up a little more space in our bookshelf these will be ordered. If you’ve ever seen the doctor, well, in my opinion Peter just redefined the role and made it his. And Jenna as Clara? Wow, the “impossible girl” can’t be beaten as well in my opinion.

So good, these two… and really recommended. Family-friendly series, from age 12 in Germany (our official recommendation). For me, personally? A must see (Peter would probably say: “a hell of a show”) 🙂