Waiting for the train to Arnos Grove

Here’s another photo I took in London, this time ‘developed’ with Olympus Workspace (on Windows 10), followed by Darktable (on Linux) – you simply can’t get those skin tones without Olympus’ special treatment, at least I can’t beat it:

Hyde Park Corner Station, London 2019

It shows the London Subway station Hyde Park Corner, and on the display you see that people are waiting for a train to Arnos Grove (see Wikipedia, or a map).

This has nothing to do with my colleague Arno of course, but I still thought that he might like the news that there are “Arnos House”, Arnos Park”, and even “Arnos Station” (and “Arnos Pool”!) around there. Maybe one day he’ll move there, or at least visit the place? Bon voyage… 🙂

It pays by the way to get a Travelcard. Here’s mine which was for 3 zones, and for 7 days:

London Travelcard, see prices here

As always, thanks for viewing, and for reading.