Put my albums into my ‘Showcase’

Over at the ‘loops, I’ve put my albums into/onto my ‘Showcase’ tab of my user profile – which is the first any visitor would see of me (in case there’s anyone interested, but of the members I do indeed have some visitors from time to time). Looks like this:

The ‘Showcase’ tab of my user profile at Wikiloops

Don’t know if that is any useful, and until yesterday evening I’ve never thought about it, but it’s another nice way to scroll, or to ‘swipe’ through my album collection, even if you could see it all before in my ‘Playlists’ tab as well (where there are also albums of others who were kind enough to include tracks with me in them).

Anyway, and as always, thanks for your interest, and for reading. And now, I’ll have to start working.