Nà lagadh Dia do lámh

After writing something in German again in my last post I thought I’d switch to Gaelic for a moment 😉 Fun aside, this is a famous Irish Saying, and number #32 on this page. And this is, according to the the explanation to be translated as:

May God never weaken your hand (when someone has done you a kindness or a favour)

Why do I write about it here? Because it’s also the title of a very very beautiful song (a film score to be more precise) of Wikiloops user ‘fanne’. Listen:

(clicking onto the track ID will lead you to Wikiloops where you can see the comments onto it)

I love this one, and it has some very remarkable remixes already. It’s in my ‘watchlist’ as well, so maybe I’ll sit down with it myself. Oh, and Zuleikha liked and commented onto it as well…

Thanks for sharing this with us, John!

And as always, thanks for listening.

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