London – Wednesday July 10th

On Wednesday, Zuleikha’s plan was to see the British Museum, so this was where we went. After walking around the complete first floor, Zuleikha and Mitchie also wanted to see a Manga exhibition, so I decided to wait outside in front of the building.

There, I met a young lady from Korea who finished her studies as a BBA (like Mitchie), and who now worked as a tour guide in the museum. I took her portrait which I also sent to her already this morning:

Joeun Lee in front of the British Museum, London 2019

There were more opportunities, but I mostly helped other people with their (phone) cameras, to get group shots of the whole family (or groups of friends) – so this one from Joeun Lee is the only one I’ve made with *my* camera.

Mitchie then wanted to collect some things a friend of hers brought for her from Malaysia. That friend was gone again already, but she left the stuff at her office at Petronas in London, which is close to the Thameslink station, so this is where we went. While waiting in the lobby, I took another photo of Zuleikha in some fancy visitors’ chairs:

Zuleikha at the Petronas Lobby, London 2019

I also followed the rule “ask the locals” when Mitchie and Zuleikha said they were hungry, so the colleague of Mitchie’s friend sent us to a nice restaurant nearby which was called the “Hare & Tortoise“, and which is kind of a Japanese/Asian fusion food chain (we were at #2 of several on the map). Very fancy, and the food is very nice, just like promised.

After that, Camden:

Camden Cat (and piano) Rescue in Camden, London 2019

But by the time we arrived at Camden Market we were all to exhausted to “go shopping for vintage clothes” as Shi sang so nicely, and Zuleikha also didn’t want to see the nearby zoo anymore, so after searching for the next overground station we all went back to the hotel. Enough for a day.