London – Tuesday July 9th

So we had more or less lost the Monday, 8th of July waiting at Brussels “South” station, and arrived late in London. But the room was nice, and after waking up on Tuesday, I took a picture (Zuleikha took more than double as many, haven’t seen them all yet). So looking out of our hotel room (4th of 4 floors), slightly to the left, it looked like this:

Construction Sites at Canning Town, London 2019

A cable car, which reminded me of Cologne. Plus, further left (not in the picture) is the city airport, so from time to time we could see planes leaving. To the right, also not to see from our room but nearby was Canning Town station – and we had tickets for the whole week. So we went to Canning Town station by double decker bus – a first one for Zuleikha & Mitchie.

Mitchie’s first action: renew her passport at the Malaysian High Commission, so we went there and had to return at 1500 to pick it up. The time in between? Mitchie and Zuleikha went through Hyde Park, and I waited, couldn’t walk that far.

After the passport was received, we went to the National Gallery, one of the museums Zuleikha wanted to see:

At the National Gallery, London 2019

There was an area for the younger ones, and at one place there was kind of an invitation which was hard not to accept, called #takeonepicture:

Portrait of Zuleikha at #takeonepicture in the National Gallery, London 2019

Flickr has a cool selection tagged #takeonepicture, which is also nice to see. For us, I took another one in the room nearby:

Venetian mask at the National Gallery, London 2019

As I wrote already, Zuleikha (and also Mitchie) took more photos and videos, but I haven’t seen everything yet, so these are only a few of mine.

We had some pasta during the day, and sandwiches in the evening, and called it a day.