London – Thursday July 11th

For Thursday, it was the “Sea Life” aquarium which was on the plan, and for which we had tickets already, so this was where we went. Here are a few photos:

Please turn off your flash, London 2019

I often wondered about using flash on animals – lots of people do this “just to get the shot”, or simply because they don’t care or think. But I’ve never flashed an animal (like bugs and/or butterflies, an exception is our cat), and I later read that indeed doing so can ruin their eyes forever – so I was glad to see signs like the one above. So don’t “shoot” what you love – take photographs with a bit of care and consideration instead.

The Sea Life in London has very nice and funky lights anyway – you can take lots of great photos if you just see the lights as they are:

Portrait of Zuleikha at Sea Life, London 2019

And that includes the animals:

Blue, poisonous, and cute, London 2019
Trust in me… , London 2019
Croc on the watch, London 2019

All in all, a great place to be, and well worth the time and money. It takes about two hours to get through, even if you let the occasional school classes pass, and wait a bit until they’re gone.

Then, once you’re out, you’re just beneath the “London Eye”:

(Part of) The London Eye, London 2019

And starting from there you’ll see and hear street musicians, some of them really good. Couldn’t support them all, but Zuleikha dropped some coins whenever she liked one.

Plans were to see the bridges, but for me, I didn’t fancy all the walking – so I suggested to see them from a boat instead. Mitchie and Zuleikha accepted, and we looked for a TfL boat to book a roundtrip to Greenwich. So here are some photos from the rest of our day:

River, London 2019
Waterloo Bridge and skyline of London, London 2019
Skyline of Canary Wharf high rises from a boat, London 2019
Poplar Rowing Club and Canary Wharf skyline from Greenwich Pier, London 2019
Statue of William IV in Greenwich Park, Greenwich London 2019
Multi Million Pound homes, London 2019
St. Paul’s Cathedral from the river, London 2019

After the boat tour we were hungry, and this time Mitchie found some address on her phone, a very nice restaurant with Italian food. On our way to it, we passed Westminster Abbey:

Westminster Abbey, London 2019

As you can see, the sun was low already, so after our meal we made it back to the hotel. By the way, Mitchie liked the Jubilee line of the London subway (“tube”), but Zuleikha loved the announcements on another one:

This is a Hammersmith & City line train to Barking…

The tube is still the best I’ve ever seen…