London – Friday July 12th

There weren’t any plans (from my family) for Friday, so I suggested to visit the Bike Shed in Old Street. It’s partly store, partly restaurant, partly motorcycle repair and club, and you can even get a haircut there if you like.

But on the way there, I first saw this strange architecture:

A very strange building near Old Street, London 2019

Looks like its maker fell in a whiskey jar before the first drawings… anyway, here is a nice custom Duc:

Custom built 1984 Ducati for sale at the Bike Shed, London 2019

The shop also had some very nice Belstaff jackets for slightly less than 500 quid, and even a normal T-Shirt was 35 pounds (kids’ shirts far smaller than for Zuleikha were 15 pounds), so we passed on buying something.

Instead, we first went to Baker Street, but only took photos from outside the Sherlock Holmes museum – my next idea & suggestion was Harrods, so from Baker Street we hopped on the 74 bus to head there – via Hyde Park again, and this time I took a photo of the traffic around Hyde Park Corner:

Traffic at Hyde Park as seen from a double decker bus, London 2019

We didn’t stay in Harrods for too long – it may well be “all things for all men” – as long as you can afford it. Coming out and going around the corner, you see their clientele’s car’s parked:

Some fast cars from Kuwait behind Harrod’s, London 2019

These two had licenses from Kuwait – maybe my colleague Nabil was in for a short (and fast) trip as well? 😉

Back in the tube, I asked a local (very friendly officer) for a restaurant tip again – it was our last day in London, and both Mitchie and Zuleikha have never tried the famous fish & chips. He sent us to the Rocks and Sole Plaice near Covent Garden which again was a very good tip – thanks so much, sir!

The best of the day was yet to come: Mitchie had contact to a friend with whom she studied in Wisconsin, and who lives about an hour from London – so both Salma and her husband came in via train at Waterloo station. And after some coffee they took us to a pub and then to another (this time Indian) restaurant, so we had very good food again, and in wonderful company. They’re now off to Malaysia but promised to visit us around here as soon as they can.

So we were ‘home’ (at our hotel) a bit later than planned – we had to pack and leave early, so that was our Friday then.