Had a fun car for a few days

Last week Thursday evening after the school party our car broke down – the first time after 17 years and 182.000+ km. Turned out that the ignition coils needed to be replaced with new ones, plus a few other things. And as always, our car dealer gave us a replacement while they had ours in their garage, and this time it was a nice blue “Yaris Hybrid Y20 Club”, which looks like this:

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Y20 Club

What a fun car! And more than enough to go to work each and every day, really. Could get used to that one. But I’m still happy that we have ours back by now, and that it’s running like a new one. Best car we ever had.

The hard drive in the computer is ready as well, and I took the 2TB drive out as planned, with no issues at all. Except the Windows 10 feature update 1903 which killed grub, the boot loader of my Debian partition. The thing is that this should have never happened at all – I have an UEFI system, and operating systems aren’t supposed to overwrite each others boot sectors anymore. Seems that someone at Microsoft screwed up big time, and so I had to repair my Linux. Again.

But by now I’m typing this on my normal system again, onto which I also got the possibly last upgrades before the switch from Debian 9 “Stretch” to Debian 10 “Buster”. But I’ll try Buster from USB stick first. Not that I won’t trust it, but I’m too busy at the moment to just mess around with my computer.

Again, as always, thanks for reading. And good night for now.