Found my employer on a map…

While walking out of Sea Life and across the “London Eye”, I saw this map:

I see my employers’ company name on that map…

And indeed, when searching for it I find it here.

But this wasn’t the real reason for showing this image here, it was rather a change in my workflow. The ‘postr’ app (also called ‘Flickr Uploadr’ in Gnome) doesn’t work anymore since the new owners of Flickr (SmugMug) changed the authentication to an OAuth model, so I used another newer app called ‘frogr’ here. And for ‘developing’ that photo from the raw .orf file into a .jpg which can be shown I used Darktable instead of my usual combination of OV3 (on Windows) and RawTherapee (on Linux), just to see the state of development.

And well, yes, all these apps and programs are getting better. frogr isn’t as good yet as postr was, but Darktable is quite nice already. Not perfect but usable. And I can even geotag images with it, and these geotags are shown in Flickr which is nice (that never worked with RawTherapee).

Don’t know if I can/should get used to it, but it’s always good to have options, no?

As always, thanks for reading, and for viewing.