Well isn’t that just lovely?

I have written about Lars Danielsson before, but when I (re-)watched some videos of him in a real cool trio this evening I saw that I hadn’t posted or written about them yet.

So here’s one of my favourite trios of this time, from Poland, Sweden, and Israel, with “Incognitor”:

Możdżer Danielsson Fresco – Incognitor, Gdańsk 2005

Lars isn’t an awesome bass player only, he’s also really great on the Cello. So this one is for our fellow Wikiloops musician Klaudia aka “Jamlady“:

Lars Danielsson and Leszek Mozdzer – Suffering (Danielsson)

As you have just heard, Lars is a good composer as well. Here is one which I knew already under a different title before hearing it, also a composition of Lars:

Możdżer Danielsson Fresco – Asta, Gdańsk 2005

Awesome, isn’t it? I heard it before as “The Linden”, from Youn Sun Nah, also with him and with Ulf Wakenius playing a real good guitar solo on it:

Youn Sun Nah – The Linden

This is one of three CDs which I have from her – and it seems that I’ll have to get her latest as well. Here’s a short teaser from Mme Nah herself:

Youn Sun Nah Trio Immersion

And as always, thanks for reading / watching / listening.