The world’s oldest motorcycle brand seems to still be getting it

I’m speaking/writing about Royal Enfield of course, which was bought and is now owned by Royal Enfield (India).

First, let’s hear Jay Leno about them, and why he added one to his garage (with his collection of hundreds of cars and motorcycles) as it seems:

2019 Royal Enfield Motorcycle – Jay Leno’s Garage

To me, that makes a lot of sense. Almost as good as my Honda NTV as it seems. Now, that Himalayan motorcycle should be introduced by someone who actively rides it, and I found Noraly, a 31-year-old Dutch as she describes herself on her page. She bought a 2018 Himalayan in India, and rode it to Malaysia to do a first conclusion on it:

10.000 KM Bike review Royal Enfield Himalayan (2018) – BS4

Ok, less than 25hp, I get it. But Noraly’s right – the fact that this is everything but high tech makes it so appealing for round-the-world trips like hers. And this easy-to-maintain part was also what fascinated Jay in his video above.

Seems like Royal Enfield (India) is a force to reckon with. All three of the motorcycles shown here make much more sense than the current electro craze.

As always, thanks for reading, and for watching.