Switched to the Chrome browser for the moment

As much as I like the idea of a free browser, the latest decisions from Firefox (like dropping RSS “Live” bookmarks which is their one and single most outstanding feature) are hard to understand.

And a few days ago they deactivated and maybe even deinstalled my “uBlock Origin” ad blocker – the best there is. Investigating a bit about this brought news like: “we’ll update soonish with a new version which supports these (deactivated) plugins again”.

Thanks, but no thanks. Keep your crap for yourself. And consider me gone until you wake up from whatever dope you had…

I wanted to use Chromium (also more or less free, and it’s the basis for Chrome), but their version 73 still has some funky colour gamut displaying, which Chrome doesn’t do. So for the moment I’m with Google. Could have investigated further about smaller browsers, and whether they also have a “Foxish” plugin which brings back RSS Live bookmarks, but my time for this stuff is limited. Bad enough that Mozilla puts all of this on our shoulders instead of getting to grips with what once made them different from others.

Have a nice Sunday y’all – and thanks for reading.

Update, from Sunday afternoon: at least it wasn’t on purpose this time as it seems. Here’s a report from ZDNet about what happened, and here is a statement from Mozilla about it. Make of that what you will, I call it sloppy and bad management still. Open Source deserves better.