… and back to Firefox

I wrote earlier today that I switched to Google’s Chrome browser, and while I’m still waiting for Mozilla to fix the issue for their ESR release of the Firefox browser, I’m back to Firefox with a workaround I read about earlier already, and now again on the German-speaking Heise site (see at the link how I found this via its “atom” RSS feed in “Foxish”, Mozilla? Having headlines in bookmarks *is* totally important!).

It is: call the about:config site in the browser, and set the variable “xpinstall.signatures.required” to “false”. Later, when there’s a newer version, this should be redone.

So I can use both browsers – and I’m back to Firefox again.

Update, from Monday morning: and it’s fixed! Hadn’t checked at home, but coming to work I immediately got an update which indeed fixed that case for me:

Thanks for reading.